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How Can Small Businesses Benefit From Animation And Explainer Videos?

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If you’re just starting out and looking for ways to boost your online business, one thing that you need to know is that you need to be trendy. And guess what? Videos are always in! Videos are always trendy and they are one of the best types of content that you can put out there. What better way to get your name out than to have animation and explainer videos to introduce your business?

There are numerous reasons why these explainer videos play a crucial role when it comes to promoting your business online. If you aren’t using them yet, here are some benefits why you need to use them today!

Easily Explain Your Product Or Service

There’s no better way to explain who you are, what you offer or what kinds of services you provide than these types of videos. They’re called explainer videos for a reason. Within seconds, you can easily use animation effects and explain what your business is all about. This is going to be easier to understand versus written content.

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Animation Increases Conversion Rates

Whenever you’re working on an online marketing campaign, one of the most important numbers you should be paying attention to is your conversion rates. The higher the conversion rates, the better your content is! Studies show that 73% of people who’ve seen videos about the product are more likely to buy. With the right explainer video, targeted to the right people with cute animations and catchy texts – you’ll definitely crush the competition with these.

Better Google Rankings

It’s not rocket science. Google loves videos – and if you have a well-produced video that is informative and of high quality, then the chances are, they’ll rank you faster, and higher too! SEO experts are now looking for various video content because videos are faster to rank versus written content.

Powerful Branding

You can create animation and explainer video production that will give your viewers something unique. Add a bit of color, some fancy animations, and people will easily recognize and remember your brand with these.

People Love Sharing Videos!

In social media, when there is a certain topic and people have to choose between a written piece about it or a video, people are most likely to share the video. And this is what we want! We want our audience to promote our video, to spread the word and to increase engagement!

Explainer and Animation videos can be considered as a good investment, not to mention, the ROI is pretty fast too! If you’re looking for ways to maximize your online presence, start by utilizing these types of videos. You can never go wrong with these!
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